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You Time

How to get more ‘you time’
What your relationship with time says about you

You TimeTime is the most over-used excuse yet the most underutilised tool. Time is a very fascinating thing since it is something that controls our life if we don’t create a healthy relationship with it. So many of us hate time and resent it, yet others thrive on having everything scheduled.

What is your relationship with time like?

It is important to understand your pattern with time. The majority of us rely on time to some degree in our lives, whether it’s running the kids around or attending a meeting.

Are you one of those people who are always late or are you always on time? Do you have the best intention of wanting more time but fill up any available space with extra clutter and activities and end up more exhausted?

Do you use time as an excuse?

So many people use time as an excuse, for example: “I can’t make it, I’m so busy, I don’t have time”. Notice what we do is make time the problem instead of looking at ourselves. We all know if we want to be somewhere we will be there. If we really want to make it to a movie or catch up with friends we make it on time don’t we? So, when you are avoiding making appointments or turning up late for meetings then maybe there is something else going on for you to look at. Instead of using time as an excuse, be honest and look at the underlying reason for this pattern because in the long-run, it may create more time and a greater sense of space in your life and work.

How to create more ‘you’ time

TIME-OUT – Ask yourself, ‘Is it okay to have space and time in my day?’ If not, why not? Schedule time-out in your diary and give yourself permission to re-connect and re-fresh.

PRIORITISE – Get clear on your priorities and list important daily/weekly activities you want to complete and set the intention before the end of each day.

STRUCTURE – Structure your week and block regular activities ie. gymtime/admin/meetings/paying bills etc. on specific days and times, as this helps to focus your energy and thoughts; instead of spreading out these activities over several days.

THOUGHTS – Do you think you have loads of time or a lack of time? Thoughts have power over your day so what are you choosing to create? What are your thoughts about time? Do you love time or resent it? To what extent does time have control over you?

AFFIRMATIONS – Say positive mantras such as: “I have more than enough time”, or “My day flows effortlessly”.

CHANGE – Ask yourself: ‘What can I do differently to create more space and have time work for me? Do I use time as an excuse? Do I cancel appointments and reschedule meetings?’

SAY NO – Give yourself permission to say no to demands from friends, family, work colleagues, etc. Create stronger boundaries so people know what you are and aren’t prepared to do.

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