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10 ways to reboot your confidence

In following this step-by-step plan of how to reboot your self-esteem, you may be surprised at the many positive benefits! These steps will not only boost your inner confidence, it will increase your energy levels, give you greater clarity of mind, plus provide a deeper knowing of who you are, it will nourish your body, mind and soul, help you feel happier and MORE confident to step out of your shadow into your light to truly reboot your confidence and your health.

Long lasting change starts on the inside first. By focusing your attention and energy on your intention you will find that the how-to of achieving your intention gets a whole lot easier. As you strengthen yourself from the inside out you will literally start to shine and radiate and whole new you with a new fit healthy body to boot!

Rebooting your health and your self-esteem doesn’t need to take loads of time or money! Many of us think that developing your self esteem means having to run off to an expensive acting or singing class, and whilst this is a fun way to boost your confidence, you can still create powerful change all before leaving the house  – after you have had your first juice!

I encourage you to think about who you spend your time with – do you hide in the background never to be heard? Do you value others opinions and never your own? Do you always take the safe options? Do you trust you?

Can you recall times when you did feel confident? Discover ways of increasing your confidence and feeling fabulous in your everyday life, and not just once a year. In doing this it can be fun and often insightful into who you are being.

It isn’t about changing who you are, rather, its about embracing all your positive aspects that have been cast aside for whatever reasons along the way. We all have strengths, that’s the beautiful part of the human spirit, however its about embracing all of our imperfections as well, and learning to recognise the beauty in these gifts.

Below are ways to create change and effortlessly increase your confidence working with the philosophy that long lasting change starts inside! So lets take a peek at ways your can reboot your confidence embracing your body, emotions, energy, mind and spirit.



Write a script or vision of your ideal day/week feeling 100% confident and healthy. If you are not clear on how great you will look and feel being assertive and confident, then how will you create it? Start by thinking about what your NEW life will look and what will be different with you feeling confident!

Write the answers in your vision from a place already feeling confident…

Questions to help:

v  What do I look like when I am feeling healthy and confident?

v  Do I smile more? Do I appear happier?

v  What does my body language say about me? Do I walk with my head high and shoulders back or do I walk with my head looking down?

v  What clothes do I wear? Do I wear clothes that reflect me feeling great or do I wear clothes that deflect my true self?

v  How would I talk to colleagues and family whilst feeling healthy and confident?

v  What type of relationships would I choose to have if I am feeling confident? Do they support and nourish me? Do I feel good around these people?

v  What nurturing activities would I choose to do whilst feeling good about myself?


This is a very simple exercise and very powerful. Try writing a list of everything that makes you happy this could be walking on the beach to having a long bath. Then at the beginning of each week schedule at least one of these ‘moments’ in your diary every day.

Allocate a specific time for it to ensure you’ll make it happen. With this simple system your life soon becomes filled with many more enjoyable, happy moments. The more you focus on being happy the more it will happen!

Things that make me happy:








Do you doubt yourself too often? Do trust what other people have to say and act upon their opinions instead of trusting yourself? Listen to what your own heart says and not what others think you should do or say! When we listen to what we want it creates an immense sense of self-confidence and putting our feelings and thoughts into action is more powerful. If you don’t listen and trust yourself – then who else will?

  1. Start by trusting one decision each day and watch how this simple exercise can increase your self-esteem.
  1. Watch how others opinions reflect your own – if you experience others to mis-trust your judgement or opinions, it could be just a mirror reflection of what you truly feel about yourself!
  1.  Practice ‘inner knowing’ – knowing what will happen that day for you – when you wake up write a list of what you think will happen – an intuitive hit, write first thought best thought. Then watch what unfolds.



During this process of finding your confidence and self-esteem, take some quiet time and use your journal to review your past and present circumstances, looking for clues as to why you have created repeated scenarios in your life that have kept you in your shadow and prevented you from shining!

The people I stand in the shadow of are:

  1. The reason for this is:
  1. I stand in my own shadow because I fear:
  1. The times I have shined my light and felt at my best were:
  1. The one action I’ll take to STEP OUT OF MY SHADOW is:
  1. The people I admire are:
  1. I admire them because:
  1. What steps can I take to surround myself with these people more often?



Foods too often can play havoc with our emotions and mental awareness so have a think about what you put into your body as foods often can lift our energy levels and make us feel good as well as effect how we feel plus can have the opposite effect.

If we eat too many processed foods i.e. white sugar, carbs etc we may get a quick energy boost when we eat these foods but within a short time we may feel tired again, may even have headaches, stomach cramps and long term this can lead sometimes to depression amongst other illnesses. Check in with yourself to see if the foods you are eating are suitable for your body.

What 5 things can I change in my diet to help feeling more vital and confident?








What activities boost my energy? What exercise do I do each day? Which people or friends boost my energy? Who or what situations drain my energy? How can I avoid putting myself in these situations? Can I say NO more often?

List 5 things to increase your energy:







Do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone i.e. join a drama class, dance or art class and stretch your mind and body into unfamiliar territory and acknowledge your effort in doing this! How great will you feel once you have done something new that challenged you?

List 5 new things I would like to try:








Each night for 30 nights before you go to bed write in a journal or say an affirmation mentally. It has been proven that saying or writing mantra’s or affirmation increases your chances of creating that intention in your life – give it a try and see what happens!!

Say each day:




Do one thing a day for someone else that makes you feel genuinely good – without asking anything back in return!



Commit to focusing on new things each week and change what isn’t working for you

The 5 things I will focus on this week are:






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