I coach and empower women
to believe in themselves and
achieve the impossible in life.

Victoria's Story

Professionally for the past 20 years, I have been advocating and championing women in business as leaders, wives, mothers at home and in the workplace. It’s been my personal mission and life’s legacy to effect and influence positive change. Elevating the female spirit to have a life of self-respect, equality, and freedom.

With hundreds of seminars, courses, professional education and thousands of clients since the inception of my coaching business two decades ago, I have provided a platform for women to build dreams. Lift their self-image and confidence to achieve goals in their careers, businesses, and home life, which appeared unattainable. To create independence, empowerment and financial freedom.  

My philosophy is simple. No matter what the challenge, we all have a choice to be a victim to our circumstance or become victorious. Ultimately it takes bravery, courage, and vulnerability to show up for ourselves. Even amidst our most challenging and painful moments, to create a shift for something extraordinary to happen.

Personally, my childhood story was the impetus for a lifelong quest in the personal development arena after navigating a turbulent family life as a young girl. I then faced a divorce with a newborn son to raise as a single mother, to survive a life-threatening illness, after launching my coaching business.

Completely overwhelmed and in a very precarious position, I didn’t succumb to the challenges. Instead, I began another period of intensive study, sought answers and faced the tough questions to change my own life. These were key catalysts for my devotion and heart’s desire to lead the way forward.

I am committed to educating women with the tools to create powerful uplifting personal lives and businesses, with loving relationships, starting with ourselves. I too have experienced deep heartache and I have also known triumphant joy. Witnessing the many brave stories of women before me, who champion women’s lives profoundly. Because we matter. You matter.

Collectively we can change the world. Not only for women, but for our daughters, sons, husbands, and men around the world. In life, we all need a cheerleader, advocate and life coach.

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