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How do you measure success?
By the happy, wealthy clients getting results.

Sarah 38, Ernst & Young

Smart, witty, insightful. Gave me balance, perspective, goals

Sophie 39, Author

Had writers block. Coaching unlocked a big fear that was holding me back. Now onto my 3rd book coaching was inspiring and helped me really believe in myself. I feel back in the driver’s seat of life again.

Steve 53, Chiro Manly NSW

Victoria walked into my business and quickly saw where I was not stepping up as business owner. I was used to starting my days dreading going to work and now I feel clear and energized and my team love coming to work as I do.

Tamara 34, Rose Bay, NSW

“My life was out of control before I worked with Victoria. I was emotional running everywhere, stressed, fearful, anxious. My job was on the line and my marriage was not a peaceful space. I needed to earn more money and my husband was at home after being retrenched. I had to change something. I worked with Victoria for a few months and within this time I learnt what my roadblocks were that were preventing me from feeling more present and in control. I realized I lacked deep self worth, which was playing out of work and affecting my happiness. After applying the Super Coach tools I got to work! After a few weeks my husband was the first person to see the changes followed by my colleagues and even my boss – I then re-negotiated my contract with a pay rise of $60.000.

Julia 39, Bondi, NSW

The Super Coach tools are simple, effective and you get results with lasting change however the work starts with you first. Once you make the decision to say yes to change on any level, that’s when Victoria steps in with the ability to see the big picture, not just the details which now have me living each day responding to my life instead of reacting and being grumpy.”

Joe 43, Franchise Owner, Newtown, NSW

I was a mess after I divorced. I have really benefited from the coaching and the wisdom, awareness and insights it gave me. Victoria’s ability to tap into the main core issues is astounding. Life is less stressful and far more balanced. If I do start to go off the path i am able to see why and choose a new response. My life has had an amazing boost and I learnt how to live a happier life I wanted without my husband!

Steven, 38, Adelaide Hills, SA

Change is possible I can see this now. We all have stories and belief systems that affect us each day yet when you realize you can be in control of those thoughts you can master the change effortlessly. I can see now upon reflection how I was sabotaging my own life and was not being the role model I wanted to be, to my wife and myself. Change is possible with the right guidance, tools, skills and a great coach. My latest update is that my wife has since signed up to work with Victoria and is now in the process of discovering what she wants to do with her new life after being retrenched.”

Stacey, 36 Sydney

I reignited my soul to live again with purpose and passion and have started my own business bringing together all my “forgotten” qualities that Victoria helped me find again. My life rocks!

Tom, 53 CEO north Sydney

“Powerful, insightful, magnetic, transformational. Boosted my business profits by 30%. A truly gifted woman and coach that made a positive impact on myself and my staff.”

Yolande, 28, Human Resources

“I met Victoria at a breakfast function for women in business, and Victoria was the keynote speaker. I felt compelled to make contact with this amazing woman. After talking with her I felt this overwhelming confidence she could provide amazing tools to become stronger and more self-aware.