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A lifecoach seems to be this year’s must-have accessory. Here, Victoria Mills provides a few words of wisdom on getting your life on track.

How many excuses did you use last year that prevented you from achieving your goals and desires? When a new year comes we can often trick ourselves into thinking that this year things will be different. But what will you do differently this year to get what you want out of life?

Life Support by Victoria MillsOne suggestion is to find the ideal lifecoach and commit to a block of coaching sessions. Coaching can help you identify the areas in your life that you are not happy or satisfied with. By working with a powerful lifecoach you can identify your limiting beliefs and patterns that don’t support your goals and desires. Sometimes we play out different characters in ‘our movie of life’, yet we keep creating the same story with the same outcome. Even though the characters look different – we still create the same pattern. Sound familiar?

Life-coaching can help you identify the areas you would like to change. Try this balance checklist and see how you score.

Your score will show you areas which may need improvement (the higher the better).

Lifecoaching is powerful because it helps you start taking responsibility for your life. ‘Get’ that you have a choice about how you live your life, how you spend your time and what you do with your life. Learn to say no, schedule less and cancel non-urgent appointments. Spend more time doing the things you love to do.

Create a daily or weekly checklist of all the things you want to do. It might be playing a game of squash each week, having a regular catch-up with a girlfriend over a cuppa, sitting in the sun and reading you favourite novel or having a soak in the bath with lots of bubbles and a glass of chilled wine after the kids have gone to bed.

Balance is all about taking time out for you to love and nurture who you are. This way you can be the best mum, dad, grandparent or carer and have fun doing it!

Victoria Mills is a transformation lifecoach and teacher for The McIntyre System, offering a variety of courses for people who are looking to grow emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Balance Checklist

Score yourself out of 10

  • I have nourishing relationships.
  • I believe I can support myself financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • I am happy with my appearance.
  • I visit the dentist, optometrist and doctor for regular check-ups.
  • I take time out each day for me.
  • I have at least three holidays/breaks per year.
  • I leave work at work.
  • There are no outstanding issues or problems that have not been resolved.
  • I do not chase my tail in terms of not having enough time.
  • I regularly treat myself each week to something I enjoy.

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