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Energise your day!

Having trouble staying on track and accountable?

Make up a list of daily questions you want to ask yourself to help you stay on track. The process is incredibly simple and easy.

Each question has to be answered with a yes, no, or a number. Record the results on an Excel spreadsheet and at the end of the week get an assessment of how well you are sticking to your objectives. Use these questions below as an example of what you can create for yourself to check your progress each day.

Return the favor by doing the same for your friend. It’s a great way to stay on track and accountable! Easy!



  1. How happy were you today? (1-10)
  2. How meaningful was your day? (1-10)
  3. How well did you plan and execute your day? (1-10)
  4. How many minutes did you on spend meditation or positive thinking?
  5. How many minutes did you spend on things that you cannot control?
  6. How many minutes did you spend watching TV or ‘internet surfing’?
  7. How many angry or destructive comments did you make?
  8. How many times did you unnecessarily try to ‘prove you were right’?
  9. How many hours did you sleep?
  10. How many minutes did you spend walking?
  11. How many sit-ups did you do?
  12. How many push-ups did you do?
  13. Did you do your strength exercises?
  14. How much do you weigh today?
  15. How many high-fat or sweet foods did you eat?
  16. How many drinks did you have?
  17. How many times did you floss?
  18. How many minutes did you spend writing?
  19. How many tasks did you complete off your priority list?
  20. Where did you laugh today?
  21. Did you say something or do something nice today?

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