12 Powerful wealth quotes

  • Master your financial thoughts and you will master your financial destiny.
  •  Something for nothing and nothing for something is an illusion.
  •  Anything that does not fulfill it’s purpose will self-destruct, from relationship to a company to a life.
  •  Money flows to those who demonstrate that they can manage it, and flees from those who don’t.
  •  Until you manage money wisely, don’t expect more money to manage.
  •  Marketing is a test of how much inspiration, self-love, and other-love you have, as well as your ability and certainty in communicating it.
  •  One moves towards mastery while the other remains a slave, because long-term gratification makes you money while short-time gratification cost you money.
  •  Until you learn the art of mastering your emotions at whatever level you’ve reached, don’t expect more opportunities for financial growth coming to you.
  •  Elusive emotions cost money. True, loving presence builds wealth.
  •  Whatever your dream is, take the time to work it out in great detail. Any detail you cannot see and leave out of your vision becomes an obstacle or challenge you will attract to face, and the obstacles are designed to help you to clarify your vision.
  •  When your financial purpose and dreams are focused on more than your immediate material needs, when they encompass the whole globe and all of humanity, a magical financial magnetism begins to emerge. Without a great purpose and vision, great events, accomplishments, and financial resources are unlikely to arise.
  •  Inspired service attracts abundance and recognition.
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