Victoria Mills

Master Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

Victoria is a globally respected executive master coach, accomplished author, speaker, media personality and motivational expert. One of Australia’s most influential master coaches with over 7000 coaching hour’s experience delivering mindful coaching programs to enhance balance, purpose and passion back into your life.

Within organizations her passion lends itself to Talent Development, Executive Coaching, Coach Training and Leadership Facilitation with an enthusiasm for developing high potential individual talent.

In the private sector Victoria and her coaches work alongside women & men in how to create positive change in their personal lives, marriages and divorces, relationships, health, wealth management, career and vocation. We empower people to get behind the steering wheel of their life and to re-boot it!

We can change. We do have choices. We are living systems with the same capacity to adapt and grow that is common to all life. When we change, our world changes. Others then sense our courage, determination, and realness.  inspiring ourselves and those around us.

Our vision is to encourage our clients to live by their unique values. When we are aligned and live each day by our personal code of ethics we create the platform for transformation and success to occur.  When we are not empowered as individuals others overpower us.

You have choice to be a victim of life or become victorious in your life no matter what obstacles are thrown your way. Become a HERO in your own life.

Sydney’s northern beaches NSW.

Yolande Hobby

NLP Certified Life Coach

Yolande Hobby studied transformational coach training skills with Victoria Mills prior to being a certified Trainer, Life coach and NLP Practitioner. She commenced her coaching journey with Victoria eight years ago providing profound results uncovering her zest and passion for transformational coaching and subsequently launched her coaching career.

Prior to this, she worked in national & international organizations recruiting, coaching, mentoring and training. With her commitment and focus to always empower clients to step up, be their best through knowledge of self, learn and implement tools to create positive change in their lives in a clear, focused, energetic & powerful way.

Yolande skillfully builds a platform for clients to become leaders in their own lives, uncovering razor sharp clarity around what it is they want out of life equipping them with a blue print for success.

Mornington Peninsula VIC.

      Yolande Hobby

Maru Iabichela

Motivational Speaker, Certified Life & Image Coach.

She powerfully transforms CEO’s, politicians and individuals wanting the complete trans-formative experience. Maru offers one to one coaching programs, dynamic image workshops and group facilitation. She is the “Trinny & Susannah” of life coaching – passionate about the complete internal makeover through to their external image transformation.

Her credentials include life & coaching certifications, a Master’s degree, over eight years of experience working for a Fortune 500 company in the United States and a lifetime of adventures moving to the United States from Venezuela at as young woman.

Dallas, Texas USA.


Danica Trebel

Certified Life & Family Dynamics Coach

Knowing the healing power that comes from a family united, it’s my passion to empower each person to discover their own worth, find their own voice and share their  greatness with everyone to create extraordinary change in the family unit.

After many years of life experience, I bring to the space an extensive array of cutting edge tools and tips from my training and my metaphoric Ph.D. from The School of Life.  I also bring a wealth of experience in women’s health after recovering from my own health and personal challenges. Having successfully integrated and apply my own techniques to create a greater balance in work, family and career.

Unpacking.Less Lugging.More Living.

My core passion is waking up individuals world-wide and helping them UNPACK their stuff so they can start dreaming and begin living again.

Raleigh, NC. USA


Matt Lumsdaine

Certified NLP Business & Life Coach

For over 30 years Matt has dedicated his life to developing his passion and knowledge in philosophy and personal development. Through access to his learning & experience, he discovered and simplified the core distinctions and strategies that can be applied immediately to measurably improve the quality of your life to bring peace, truth and self-leadership.

After surviving a near fatal crash 20 years ago Matt Lumsdaine learnt first hand the importance of leading one’s life with a sense of purpose and passion. Having his own personal wakeup call to overcome adversity and a crushed spine, to face a near death experience he committed to his journey to inspire others to embrace life with zest.

Sydney’s northern beaches, NSW

Zane Kung-Faust

Certified Health & Nutrition Coach

Mindful Leadership Programs, Limited 1-ON-1 Personalized Health Coaching, Performance Enhancement Programs.

Zane is an IIN Certified Health Coach, Meditation & Taoist Yoga Teacher.  Passionate about life and healthy living, Zane helps you to implement consistently wise choices regarding your nutrition and overall well-being. Zane combines his training as a Health Coach with years of experience spent learning Meditation and Taoist Yoga including various styles of Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Tai Chi both in China and Australia.

This experience is translated into his health coaching by providing simple yet powerful actions people can adapt into their everyday lives via cutting edge mindfulness programs he facilitates in the corporate space for ‘tired time poor stressed out executives’ as well as working in the private arena for individual clients wanting to fast track their health to have them energized, empowered and bring zen back into their mojo!