The Life Tool box is a combination of tips and tools you should use throughout this process of transformation. They will you shift to the next phase and help you overcome challenges you may find along your journey of change as well as keep you motivated and accountable. Sometimes depending on what your gaols are you may utilise one or more of these tools, but you may wish to use more.

Use these as guidance for your life yet please don’t turn them into an added source of stress!  When you want to create something new in your lif i.e. health, career, wealth, relationship or any goal its important to have a FUN step-by-step easy to use plan you can check in on your progress. Throw in a few extra tools, your new reality awaits!

Journal writing

Make the commitment to write in your journal or notebook every day, not just on the day you do your tasks. It’s a great way to de-clutter your mind and soul before your day begins and your mind has a chance to take over. Give yourself the space to empty thoughts, feelings and words to clear your day for positive thoughts to come in.


Self-talk is powerful: thoughts create your reality. The more your focus on something, the more chance you have of manifesting your desire. Telling yourself positive thoughts each day reinforces the change you want to take place. Try it out and watch what happens!


The power of visualisation is important if you want gain a strong sense of your dreams and feel them coming to fruition. Spend time each day visualising your desires and imagine yourself in the scene.

Trust you. We all have a voice inside us that is our wise woman or wise man. They guide us, talk to us, heals us and protects us if we know how to listen to this part of ourselves. Start listening for your inner voice and listen to what she tells you. This voice is the voice of truth and higher guidance.

Letting go and trusting the process

This behaviour is crucial to in completing the program successfully. In order to create change you need to be able to let go off the past and trust the unknown. There is no magic crystal ball we can ask for advice except to trust in who you are and what feels right for you.

Setting and reviewing your goals and intentions

One of the most important tools in the toolbox. If you don’t know what you want, how do you know when you arrive there? Get clear on what you want and put an action plan in place to help you get there.

Meditation and connecting with your spirituality

Somewhere along the journey you will want to find a deeper part of you that has been lurking in the shadows. Finding your version of spirituality or meditation is your individual journey. There is no ‘right’ way to experience your spirituality except to trust what is right for you. Ideally you would meditate as often as possible, but start by making it a weekly practice.

Thought-changing exercises

A great tool to be used whenever you feel stuck in a particular thought pattern. Writing out negative beliefs and transforming them into positive, healthy and uplifting beliefs attract greater prosperity in all areas of life. Here is an example:

Step one:

Identify things you would like to change in any area of your life – money, family, relationships, health, hobbies, friends, career … Now write a list of statements about them. The idea is to write down your truth – what you really say to yourself and out aloud.?E.g. No matter what I do, it never seems to be good enough and neither do I.

Step two:

Take responsibility for having chosen beliefs with love for yourself. Look to see where they have served you. You can only let them go once you can see how they have worked in your life, so think about how they have worked for you and honor that but — now choose to change them. Now write the following statement at the end of the list:

I acknowledge that I chose these beliefs with love for myself. I am responsible for holding these beliefs.

Step three:

Choose now to let these beliefs go and choose new beliefs to support you creating your life as you want it to be.?I now choose to let these beliefs go and I choose the following new ones;?I believe…………..

Step five:

Be willing to write your new beliefs as if they were true. The greatest way to manifest what you want in life is to act like these beliefs have already happened, so write them down like you already believe in them.?E.g. believe I am okay the way I am and what I do is simply what I do. I believe I am lovable, loving and loved.

These will become your true beliefs: they are what you think and I recommend that you read them daily, also that whenever you are driving, washing up and so on, remind yourself of what you know to be true for you.

Script writing

A tool to be used as often as needed, to help you get clear on how your want your life to look, with you playing the starring role in your chosen goals. Write out the event/situation/goal as though it has already happened in the present tense. Remember that thoughts create your reality so take control of your life; otherwise life will take control of you.

Creating space for change

In order for change to come you must create the space for it to occur. If you want a new wardrobe, wouldn’t you clean out your closet \to make room for the new gear? Similar to clothes, your mind and soul need de-cluttering and detoxing so the new desires can come in. Clear out that old stuff that keeps you held to the past: this includes limiting beliefs and thoughts, routines, habits and situations that no longer serve you. You could shed kilograms’ worth of baggage and feel wonderful!

Use this The Life Toolbox as your accountability partner to keep on track with your goals!