The Law of Detachment says that the way to acquire what you want is to let go of your attachment. By letting go, we are not letting go of our intention to manifest what we want, rather we are creating the space for it to come to us with effortless ease. By practicing the law of detachment, you sit in a place of trust and knowing your intention will come to fruition in divine time.

This does not mean you do not take action in accordance with your goal. It means to be accountable, do what you can and release it. By focusing on too much, it can create the opposite effect and can slow down the goal coming to fruition. This can sometimes mean you need to move yourself to the side and out of way in order for it to manifest.

How Do We Apply It?

Start with moving through your day with detached sense of being. Simple example is  when problem or a challenge arises at work or at home, try not to get caught up in reaction. Detach from a situation -knowing a solution will present itself. It may not be immediately however a solution will appear soon.

If you stand firm in your detachment, you won’t feel that you have to force or push toward a solution, it will happen on it’s own time. You in turn can stay open to possibilities with the trust that all is in perfect order.


1. Practice detached interactions.

2. Accept things don’t always go as planned.

3. Be open to solutions instead of wallowing in the problem.

4. Trust the process that sometimes by moving yourself out of the way the solution will always present itself.


The great thing about the Law of Detachment is that it works well with the Law of Attraction. In order for you to attract what you want, you must be detached to the outcome.

When you are attached, you vibrate fear, doubt and need. You are attracting more fear, doubt and need, since we know the Law of Attraction says, “like attracts like.” You are approaching your desire from a position of worry.

What is worry?

It is planning to fail.

Your mind is creating all these failure scenarios. You think them over and over. It creates this negative downward spiral and that’s what you end up creating more of.  Where you mind, energy and spirit is focused you will bring about.

When you’re attached to an outcome you’re giving away your personal power. When you allow things outside yourself to bring you satisfaction or joy, you’re giving over control to something or someone else. You’re then powerless.

We can’t allow ourselves to be emotionally attached. By knowing without a doubt  a solution will appear – we feel empowered.

So, How Do I Apply This Law?

Have you heard the saying, “Let go and let God”? This is the absolute trust and faith that you have that God, the universe, the source provides all things. You are trusting that there is enough, that you deserve all great things coming to you.

Law of Detachment means that whatever you seek has no power over you, you are in control.

So many people think to get something that they must hang on for dear life….but the truth is, it’s the letting go, that brings it to you.

Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.”

Remember FEAR stands for: Forgetting Everything Is Alright!

Have your focus be this week… hold your desired intention, visualize the intention, take action where you can and release it. Start to witness your results with seemingly effortless energy.