We are all energy.

No, energy isn’t something you can see but it’s something that you can feel. Most of us understand energy in terms of the natural environment. We understand the energy of the sea and the sun and the trees. Humans are no different. You can feel when your energy’s depleted, you can feel when it’s effervescent or high, the same as feeling when it’s a windy day or the sun is strong. Or when you go into a house and you feel the vibe that comes off the house. Or when you meet someone and they don’t even have to say anything, but the feeling that you get of what they emit from themselves is confronting or you don’t connect with.

One of the things that I do when I work with clients is getting them to be aware that all their belief systems, conscious and unconscious, sit in their energy field in their body. That is what goes in ahead of them to a job interview or on a date, or if they’ve got a business that’s the thing the clients feel when they walk into a shop. Who they are being in the world is stronger than the words that come out of their mouth. It is a feeling. It’s tangible in that way. But most of us are so disconnected or living in the intellectual part of our minds that we’re unaware the impact that our energy has on other people. So if you have car accidents or you find that people are rude to you in the street for no reason, or people slam doors in your face, it’s not that the other person is in a bad mood. Who are you being in order to attract that into your life? What is your energy saying to that person? What are you thinking about yourself in that moment and how is that then integrating with your energy in your body, around you, as you are putting that out into the world?

Energy is more powerful than words it’s almost like you’re a magnet. Like attracts like. If you have certain feelings and thoughts sitting in your body that you are projecting into the world, you’re going to attract that back. So not only do your thoughts create your reality I believe the energy you’re carrying or projecting into the world is creating life as you know it.


Do you ever feel that life is just one long, routine day after another? You wake up, take a shower, have breakfast, brush your teeth, get dressed, go to work, come home, have a juice or dinner, then repeat it all again the next day! Well, if you can’t face another day of the same old stuff it’s probably time for a play break.

The idea of scheduling a spontaneity break probably sounds like a contradiction in terms, but when you consider how our society lives and thrives by the clock, it makes sense. Too often we fall into the trap of believing that life will become easier and more meaningful when we get really good at living and acting efficiently. But schedules, clocks and well-planned time can squash your creative spirit – the part of you that thrives on spontaneous, open-ended time.

We need periods in which to live spontaneously without commitments or distractions. By creating space to live in the moment, we strengthen the connection to our inner wisdom and give ourselves a much-needed rest from the routine of day- to-day living. If the daily routine is getting the better of you, it may be time for you to play.

Get your diary and schedule in a play date with yourself — now! Go on! Make time in your life for a spontaneous pamper break. Take an afternoon off from appointments, book the kids in with their grandparents for a sleepover and free yourself from obligations or take your partner out for a spontaneous lunch mid week!

During your play time, check in with you wise self and ask, ‘What do I really want to do right now?’ However goofy the response is, just do it and have fun doing it.


So in the spirit of child’s play, here are some tips to help your inner little one come out to play. Pick one action and do it each week. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much joy this gives you.

  • Close the curtains, put on your favorite music and dance in your living room.
  • Get dirty. Go out and weed in the garden, plant a tree or simply dig holes (if you have ?kids, dig up worms for the garden compost).
  • Spend time on a swing at your local park after work and eat an ice cream.
  • Buy a hula hoop and see if you can still swing your hips.
  • Get a semi-permanent tattoo.
  • Paint your partner’s toenails bright pink.
  • Have a serious conversation with your pet.
  • Visit a toyshop and buy a coloring-in book. Take it work with you and spend 15 ?minutes each day coloring it in.
  • Grab your kids or neighbor’s kids and take them to the local fair or carnival. While ?you’re there, get your face painted.
  • Raid your children’s dress-up box and play with them. Seeing the world through ?children’s eyes is truly magical and inspiring.