Are you living your life, or is life happening to you?

Life CoachingTake back control and direction within your life.

This entry level program provides a one-on-one coaching experience. The program is designed to help you create a compelling life by getting behind the why—the reasons and meanings behind why you have not followed through or have taken action, as well as the how—the specific action plan necessary to achieve your desired results.

Your coach will provide you the tools, techniques and psychology enabling you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go.

You will be equipped with the skills, tools and insights necessary to take control of your life as well as developing an acute awareness of the behavioral patterns preventing you playing and thinking big in your personal and professional life.

Working with you, your coach will

  • establish a clear concise reboot plan
  • inspire you to achieve more
  • empower you with the practical and philosophical tools to do so
  • motivate you to sustain focus
  • guide you towards success to reach your goals, intentions or outcome

As your accountability partner, your coach is committed to holding you to the highest standards to create the life you always dreamed possible.

Our focus:

  • Understanding your Life
  • Clarifying your purpose, life goals & objectives
  • The Power of Choice
  • Shifting limiting beliefs
  • Taking action
  • Breaking through anger, fear or depression
  • Personal Values and Needs
  • Staying focused, enthusiastic and vital
  • Health and wellness management
  • Time Management
  • Building wealth
  • Resolving personal conflicts and dissolving distractions
  • Empowering relationship dynamics

Your Life Reboot Program:

  • Personal coach
  • 3 month program available
  • One to one coaching sessions via skype or phone
  • Coaching Workbook
This is your time!

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